ShopSite Version 12 SP2 – What’s New?

ShopSite has released their Version 12 Service Pack 2 (SP2) upgrade, and as always it includes a variety of new features and bug fixes which makes this a valuable upgrade for all ShopSite merchants.

A full list of new features can be found on the ShopSite website here:

..and here are some highlights!

  • GTIN/UPC field added to Advanced Options so unique values can be sent to Google Shopping
  • Failover shipping option for when real-time shipping APIs are down
  • Product Listing in the backoffice adds additional search and field listing features
  • TLS v1.2 support for all SSL connections

Let’s look at them in more detail….

GTIN/UPS Field For Advanced Options

Google has started to require unique GTIN/UPC values at the option level for some products in Google Shopping feeds:

so now ShopSite allows you to enter those values in your Advanced Options and when ShopSite generates the feed the unique value will be included for each option.

GTIN/UPC with Advanced Options

GTIN/UPC with Advanced Options


Failover Shipping Option

You can now select a shipping option to use as a failover if the real-time shipping API’s are not responding.  This can be set on the Commerce > Shipping screen:

Failover Shipping


Product Listing Updates

The Products screen in the backoffice has been completely rebuilt and you can now control which fields display on the list.  You can also also filter your search results with additional searches to narrow down the results.

New Product List Screen

New Product List Screen

TLS v1.2 Support

If you use any real-time shipping or payment APIs on your store you have likely seen one or more scary-sounding emails from your provider talking about SSL changes that are coming over the next year.  TLS v1.0, which is a type of SSL, is being replaced by TLS v1.2 and must be in place by June 30, 2016.  Many providers will be adding support for it before then.  ShopSite has updated their code to now support TLS v1.2 so it will be used when a service provides it and when a service turns off TLS v1.0 a ShopSite v12SP2 store will still connect correctly.

Seamless Upgrade

We have thoroughly tested SP2 and have worked with a number of merchants on beta testing it and resolving any issues that have arose.  It is a very stable upgrade that involves no downtime and no re-work.

We highly recommend upgrading your store to the latest version. If you’re a hosting client of ours, we have a simple ShopSite upgrade form to fill out. It’s free for any version 12.0 or 12.1 store owner, or anyone leasing any version of ShopSite.

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