Shopsite Tip – Universal Analytics

universal-analytics-logoAs many of you know, the latest version of ShopSite (v12) now supports Google’s Universal Analytics tracking code.

Universal Analytics includes many improved features over its predecessor, including:

  • Tracking of user sessions across multiple devices
  • Compatibility with more devices
  • More control over configuration options
  • Custom dimensions and metrics for more advanced reporting

A complete list of Universal Analytics features and benefits can be found at:

If you haven’t already upgraded your existing Google Analytics properties to Universal Analytics, now is as good a time as any to make the switch.  Simply follow the upgrade instructions (step 1 only) at:

Once your property is upgraded, the next step is optional.  Although it is recommended, it is not required that you incorporate the new tracking code (at least not immediately).  Your pages and conversions will continue to track using the old code, despite having upgraded your property/account.

Merchants using ShopSite will update their tracking code in one of two ways – either using the built-in option or by adding the code manually.

ShopSite Published Pages

Merchants publishing their store pages via ShopSite can simply enable (or update) the Google Analytics feature in the back office under Merchandising > Google Services > Analytics.  Once the configuration changes are complete, save, then publish the site.

ShopSite will automatically add the required tracking code to your store pages, products and shopping cart.  This includes the ecommerce tracking code for the thank you page (requires that ecommerce tracking be enabled in your Analytics account).

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Order Anywhere (or Custom Tracking Code)

Merchants building pages outside of ShopSite (and those who require customized tracking code), will need to add the new UA code manually to their site.

To assist you, we have published the following tutorial with instructions for manually adding Universal Tracking code (including ecommerce code) to your pages and shopping cart:

If you are hosted with LexiConn and you have any questions or difficulty implementing Universal Analytics, please don’t hesitate to contact us :)

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