ShopSite Tip – Quick Tips For Quantity Discounts

Quantity Pricing Sample

Quantity Pricing Sample

Quantity Pricing is a simple but powerful feature in ShopSite Pro which allows you to provide discounts for large orders, and even discount pricing across multiple products in the same product group.

In this post we’ll cover some tips for configuring as well as common mistakes which can occur.


The Settings

Quantity Pricing Settings

[click for larger view]

Quantity Pricing is configured at the product level, on a product’s Edit Product Info screen. In the sample here you’ll see it’s enabled with 3 different pricing quantities configured.

If Quantity Pricing is not working for you, the first thing to check is to make sure the “Check here to turn on Quantity Pricing” checkbox is enabled.  It’s common to miss that setting.

Next, be sure that the “Price/Unit” field is set with the amount you want to charge “Per Item”.  It’s not a total price for the quantity shown, but the price you want to charge per item when that quantity is in the cart.

For example in our sample we charge $2.00/each if you have a quantity of 1-499 in the cart.  But if you have 500-999 in the cart you are only charged $1.50/each.

NOTE: The price shown is charged for the total quantity of that product in the cart.  Ordering 750 will not charge $2.00 for the first 499 products and then $1.50 for 500-750.  Since the quantity is in the 500-999 range all 750 are charged $1.50/each.

Quantity Groups

Quanity Pricing Groups

[click for larger view]

What really expands the Quantity Pricing feature is its ability to classify products into groups.  Let’s say you want to run a special where someone can buy a mixture of 10 or more items at a discounted price:

The first step is to create a group for those products, which is done on the Merchandising Tools > Discounts > Quantity Groups screen.  Shown here is that screen with a “Movies” group created.

Then configure each of those 10 products to have Quantity Pricing enabled and set the 1+ price to the regular retail price and the 10+ price to be your discounted price.

While editing the pricing, set the “Quantity Pricing Group” field on the bottom of that section to the group you created.  You can see that field set to “none” in the first screenshot above.

With that field set, ShopSite will count the quantities of all products in the cart which are assigned to the same group to determine which price they receive.  So if someone buys 5 each of 2 different products in the Movies group they will receive the 10+ discounted price.

Sale Prices

As you may have seen in the first screenshot, Quantity Pricing also supports sale prices, so when the “On Sale Toggle” value (on a product’s Edit Product Layout screen) is enabled the “On Sale Price/Unit” column will be used.  It’s blank in our sample, but you can fill that in if you use the On Sale feature with your products.

Test, Test, Test

When you’re trying a new feature don’t hesitate just to test it.  Add a test page to your store (be sure to give it a filename: ex: “testpage.html”) then add a test product to that page and configure it with quantity pricing and all the settings you want to use.

Then you can visit your test page and your product’s More Info Page see how the pricing displays and test it by adding the product to your cart.  This way you can experiment without using a live product a customer may be trying to order.


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