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According to eMarketer, U.S. retail ecommerce sales from mobile devices should reach $9.8 billion in November and December of this year, accounting for 16% of the ecommerce market.  By 2017…  that number could jump to a staggering 26%!!!

In this post, we’ll review some of the mobile ecommerce reports currently available in Google Analytics.  This information can be useful for setting initial benchmarks or measuring the success of previous efforts to implement a mobile-friendly store.

Traffic 101

Google Analytics > Dashboard

Google’s default dashboard view is configured to display without segmentation (i.e. combines traffic for all site visitors).  Adding the “Mobile and Tablet” segment allows us to quickly see how traffic is generated from mobile devices.

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To do this, simply click the down arrow next to “All Visits” (shown below) and choose the segment “Mobile and Tablet”.  The segmentation bar will display the total % for each selected segment.


New segments are automatically added to all reports, charts and graphs (example below).

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If mobile traffic is significant enough to warrant additional analysis, then the next step would be to separate smartphones and tablets.  Start by removing the combined “Mobile and Tablet” segment (optional).  Next, add “Mobile Traffic” and “Tablet Traffic” segments (same steps as earlier).


Breaking out mobile (smartphone) and tablet traffic can help with both short and long term planning.  For example, if smartphone traffic on your site is currently much higher than tablet traffic, a stopgap measure that focuses on a mobile layout could return some immediate and tangible benefits.  Conversely, a long-term approach might include a responsive design layout, mobile app or both!

For merchants using Shopsite Pro (v11 sp1 and higher), a mobile store can be enabled using the built-in mobile feature under Preferences > Mobile.  This includes a default set of customizable mobile templates and a full compliment of configurable options.

Audiences > Mobile > Overview

After reviewing the dashboard statistics, it’s time to take a closer look at your visitors mobile habits.  The mobile overview (below) summarizes visitor acquisition (new vs returning), behavior (bounce rate, pages and duration) and conversions by desktop, mobile and tablet traffic.  Acquisition numbers were covered on the dashboard, so the focus here should be on bounce and conversion rates (mobile versus non-mobile).  If mobile users struggle on your site, it will be evident in this snapshot.

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Additional reporting on mobile visitor behavior (landing pages, exit pages, etc…) can be referenced under Behavior > Site Content.

I Have Traffic + Missed Opportunity… Now What?

As a store owner, you obviously want to create the best possible experience for your mobile visitors.  If you missed some of our earlier posts on mobile ecommerce, now is a great time to catch-up!

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