ShopSite Tip – Consistent Image Resizing

It’s a question we hear quite often:

“Why is that image so large?”

Sometimes a couple of products have images which are huge compared to their neighboring products.  Why are they so large?  It’s usually caused by the image resize settings.

Pixels Not Percent

You can set your image size options on the Images > Configure screen in ShopSite, which gives you the option of using a specific pixel size or a percentage:

Pixels or Percentage

Pixels or Percentage

If your images are not displaying in the desired size, first check the image size setting to make sure it’s set to the one you want to use.  For example if a More Info product image is wrong,  see if the product’s “More Info Page Image Size” is using the correct setting.  Assuming the selected size is correct, the next step is to review its settings on the Images > Configure screen.

Is the “# percent of original size” option enabled?  If so, that is most likely the issue.

Since the original images you upload could be a variety of sizes, the “percent of original size” option can lead to inconsistent image sizes.  Try enabling the “max width” and “max height” setting and configure them to a dimension (in pixels) that works for your design.  Then resize the product image and test again.

Setting a specific dimension will allow you to have a consistent size across all your images, regardless of their original size when uploaded.

What Size Do I Use?

There are many ways to find the best size – here are a few tips:

– Using Firefox, right-click on a product image on your site which displays in the correct size.  Select “View Image Info” from the popup menu and the “Dimensions” field on the next screen show will the size of the image.

– Set a new max width or max height Image Size and the test it by resizing an image, publishing, and viewing the product that you want to fix.

– Ask your designer what image size they recommend.  They most likely designed your site to use a certain sized image or a certain size range.

But It Still Doesn’t Resize!

Is your image still not resizing?  Check the image file name and make sure it ends in .jpg, .gif, or .png.  ShopSite can not resize other image types and the filename must end in its correct extension in order to be resized.  (You can’t save an image as a .gif and rename it to .jpg.  Its actual file type must match its extension.)

What About Resizing On Upload?

ShopSite has an option in the Image Layout Defaults section of the Images > Configure screen which lets you resize the “original” image when you upload it.  Doing so can help percentage-based resizing work better, but be careful if you use this setting.  There is no “undo” after you resize the original.  So if you make the original too small the only way to have a larger image would be to upload the original image again and make sure ShopSite’s not set to resize it on upload.

If you leave that setting off and don’t resize the original, you can always change the 3 resize options and resize your images at anytime.  Assuming of course that your original image is larger than the largest image you want to show on your site.  ShopSite will shrink images, but it can not increase an image to be larger than the source file.

Still no luck getting the image to display correctly?  If you’re a LexiConn customer feel free to send us details of the issue and we’ll check it out for you.


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  1. David says:

    I’ve had many issues with new images having the wrong size after publishing the site. If I make no changes whatsoever but use regenerate, the images come out the correct size. It’s a bug.

    • David,

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ve not heard of this being a bug in the latest version of ShopSite. If the resized images are created, and the proper sizes assigned to the products, they should work.

      The only thing I can think of that may cause this is if your custom template has variables or settings that control image displays. A partial publish may cause a persistent variable to not be the value you expect.

      Feel free to send us an email so we can help you troubleshoot and solve the issue.

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