Busiest 5 Days Ever For Small Online Stores in 2012?

A recent article from ComScore stated that the busiest 5 days ever recorded for online shoppers was the week from December 8th to December 14th in 2012. Consumers spent $6.9 billion during this week.

I thought it would be interesting to compare this to our stats from a sampling of around 150 small online stores. I looked at the total revenue for each week starting with the week of Cyber Monday.

(ComScore defined a week as Saturday to Friday, so I followed suit.)

And the winner is…

After crunching the numbers, the busiest week in terms of total revenue was actually November 24 to November 30 (Nov. 26 was Cyber Monday). This week saw $2.22 million in total sales. This was a 5 percent increase in sales over 2011 for our small merchants during this week.

A close second was the week Dec. 8-14 at $2.20 million. Third was Dec. 1-7 at $2.14 million, and last was Dec. 15-21 at $2.07 million.

What does this mean?

As you can tell from the numbers above, each week was pretty close in terms of total revenue. You’re looking at only $150,000 separating the largest to the smallest week during the holiday shopping season.

However, I think you can conclude that Cyber Monday had a larger impact for small online stores, vaulting that week into first place.

Additionally, as the days get closer to Christmas, and shipping windows get smaller, I think online sales naturally gravitate to larger merchants with guaranteed shipping for Christmas (like Amazon’s next day and 2 day prime).

Just a little comparison to see how smaller online merchants perform next to their big brothers and sisters on the internet.  :)

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