Google Hosting Four Hangouts for Google Shopping for SMBs

Google has announced they will be airing Four Sessions via a Hangout (translated: live streaming video on Google+) that will cover:

Helping Guide Small and Medium Sized Businesses Through the Transition to Google Shopping

The first one airs on Friday, July 13th at 12:30 PM EDT (9:30 AM PDT).

I would highly recommend any ecommerce merchant wanting to take advantage of what Google has to offer view these seminars. I have a feeling they will cover a lot of ground, and hopefully help you get the most out of the new Google Shopping service that is set to replace the old free Google Product Search.

It requires a Google+ account to view them, so it’s a good time to sign up for Google+ if you haven’t already.

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  1. If you missed the first session, you can watch it any time at:

    Overview of Google Shopping:!

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