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When you have an online store that ships internationally, displaying your products in another currency can be helpful to your customers, but which currency do you select?  ShopSite supports the display of an alternate currency so you could pick one to display but you’ll then have to keep the exchange rate updated on a regular basis.

Dynamic Converter, a free script available at, resolves both of these items for you by allowing your customers to select the alternate currency they want to see and the exchange rates update automatically every day.

What Does It Look Like?

When installed on a page, their script automatically detects any prices that appear on the page.  It then displays the currently selected alternate currency below the regular price and turns both price fields into a link.

In our example above you will see the regular price, with the EU price displayed below it.

When a visitor clicks on either price a small pop-up will appear where they may select from a variety of currency options.  Once selected, all alternate currencies will update to the new setting.

How Do I Install It?

Installation with ShopSite takes just a few minutes.  Once you sign up with your “Dynamic Converter Settings” page on their site will provide a list of settings that control the script and near the bottom will be a box with the JavaScript code to place on your site.

  • TIP: On the “Dynamic Converter Settings” page be sure you add your secure server name to the “Domains List” field if you do not have your own SSL certificate.  For example:

You may have slightly different steps to activate the script depending on if you use custom templates, but basically you will copy their code and paste it into the following fields in ShopSite:

  • Preferences > Layout Settings > Footer
  • Commerce Setup > Order System > Shopping Cart > Text at the bottom of the Shopping Cart screen
  • Commerce Setup > Order System > Checkout > Text at the bottom of the Checkout screen
  • Commerce Setup > Order System > Confirmation > Text at the bottom of the Confirmation screen
  • Commerce Setup > Order System > Thank You > Text at the bottom of the Thank You screen

If you find the script doesn’t run on your More Information pages you may need to turn on the Preferences > More Info Pages > Display Page Footer field, or add the code to your More Information template.

With your account you will also be able to view detailed instructions they have written on how to install the script with ShopSite.

Working Sample

To see the script working with ShopSite please see our sample page here:

The script is also in place on the shopping cart screens of that demo store, so when you add a product to your cart you will see the alternate currency there too.

Dynamic Converter is an excellent and free way to add additional currency options to your site.  For more details visit them at:

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