Connect To Your Customers With Multiple Product Images

Now that you’ve been fine tuning your products with creative descriptions and quality photos it’s time to look at expanding a bit more with multiple product images.

The more images you include, the more comfortable your customers will be, knowing that they have sufficient information to purchase that item from you.

Along with your product description, the images of your products are the key to connecting to your customers.  Without them your customers can only imagine what your product looks like – so don’t let that happen – show them your products with not just a single clear photo but with multiple photos providing what a customer would see if they held the product in their hands.

An Amazon Example

Amazon Kindle

Let’s take for example, one of the leading online marketers, to see what they are doing for one of their products.  To the right we have a screen shot of a portion of the page for the Amazon Kindle.

As you can see they have a nice clean primary photo, but below that are thumbnails for additional images.  When you move your mouse over these images the larger window automatically shows you the selected image. [Click here to see Amazon’s site and how the multiple images work.]

If you have poor quality photos without multiple angles or zoom, it’s like locking up all of your inventory behind a huge glass wall and not letting anyone handle your merchandise before they choose to buy.

Not only is Amazon showing additional images – but they are showing us what we may not even be able to see in a store – size comparison.  Unless we carry a pencil or a book in our pockets we wouldn’t be able to easily compare a Kindle in our hands like they do in their photos.  One of the selling points for a Kindle is it’s convenient size, and they show this extremely well in their photos.

In many cases enabling users to see items from multiple angles – and close up – can be a powerful way to impart a sense of contact with the product.
Mike B.

Adding The Photos

Many of the online store systems currently available support multiple product photos so you should be able to easily add additional photos to your products.  If you’re running a ShopSite® store, we have a tutorial here about using their system to add additional photos and it works just like Amazon where you can mouse-over the thumbnail to see the primary image change:

ShopSite Tutorial – Multiple Product Images

Whether you add images to show size, colors, different angles or other features – these additional photos will allow you to connect with your customers and help them see on your website what they may have only expected to see in person.

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  1. Avery K. says:

    Any product, from houses to cars to Kindles, are taken much more seriously when a consumer can see as much of it as they can without leaving their house. A good series of photos encourages the consumer to see it in person, and increases the potential for a purchase.

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