How To Get The Most Out Of ShopSite – Free Download

How To Get The Most Out Of ShopSite®

That’s the title of our latest free whitepaper. It’s a compilation of tips, ideas, and features to help merchants get the most out of their ShopSite® ecommerce software. We’ve put together years of experience, seeing what merchants do well, and what they can improve upon in their online stores, and have summed it up in a feature packed PDF.

The whitepaper is not limited to just ShopSite merchants. Any online store can benefit from the ideas presented in this document.

Topics include:

  • Basic Tips
    It’s the little things that matter. We highlight the “big” little ones.
  • Essential Add-ons
    Maximize your store’s potential with these valuable additions
  • How to Properly Test Your Store
    Continuous testing is paramount to continued success
  • Safety and Security
    If customers feel safe and secure, they’re more willing to hand over their cash
  • Encourage Repeat Business
    Building customer loyalty leads to longevity and prosperity online
  • Who You Host With Matters
    Make sure your host is your “silent partner”

Just getting started?

If you’re just getting your ShopSite store setup and off the ground, here are a few resources to check out first:

So what are you waiting for? Download our FREE whitepaper today, and get all that you can out of your ecommerce store!

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