Useful ShopSite Tips and Tricks

ShopSiteThe ShopSite ecommerce software is quite powerful and feature packed out of the box. However, some merchants may want to expand upon this functionality. Here are a few useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of ShopSite.

Restrict / Hide Shipping Options

Here is some simple JavaScript code from our Tutorials Section that can be added to the shopping cart to restrict international customers from selecting certain shipping options.

Restricting Ordering Options

Another useful post for Restricting Ordering Options from our Tutorials that allows merchants to not allow certain options (like size, color, etc…) from being selected on a catalog page when adding an item to the cart.

Dynamic categories and pages with ShopSite search

We put together a tutorial on using the ShopSite search feature in creative ways to have dynamic dropdowns for browsing by brand, or to restrict a search to a specific type/brand.

Displaying subproducts in a dropdown

Instead of just listing a bunch of subproducts on a page, this tip from the ShopSite Template Cookbook explains how to have all subproducts in a dropdown selection. This can be useful when you are using subproducts to track inventory for options like color or size.

Add terms and conditions to checkout page

A simple tip on how to add a custom checkout field like agreeing to the terms and conditions before completing an order.

View all the built-in templates along with descriptions

A handy page that displays all the built-in templates along with images and detailed information about how they work and what functions each include file performs. It’s a great reference for anyone looking to modify an existing template.

Creative use of search for non-ShopSite pages

From the ShopSite Forum, a good discussion of using the ShopSite search feature for products on non-ShopSite generated pages. It includes a tip for merchants using the Manager level as well.

Remove page links from search results

Another ShopSite forum post exploring what is required to remove page links from the search results page.

Create a wholesale section in your store

This one gets asked a lot. We have a tutorial page on creating a wholesale area in a ShopSite store that provides a few different options.

Advanced multi add to cart button

The ShopSite help docs have instructions for creating a multi-add to cart button that can add multiple products to the cart at once. We take this a step further to make it easier for customers to use.

Know of any other tips and tricks that are helpful for ShopSite merchants? Share them below!

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