2015 Small Business Ecommerce Holiday Stats

Last month we reviewed the 2015 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Stats so today it’s time to review the shopping season as a whole.  We’ve been doing this for a few years now (2014, 2013, 2012) and as usual we like to compare our small stores to some larger merchants.

Large Stores – Holiday Shopping Season

This year we’re looking at reports from Custora and ComScore, who both used a date range of Nov 1st – Dec 31st for their reports:


  • Revenue up 12.1% over 2014
  • Orders up 10.9% over 2014
  • Average Order Value up 1.1% over 2014


  • Revenue up 6% over 2014

Small Stores – How Did They Do?

We used data from 164 stores, comparing their stats for the 2014 and 2015 time periods.  This allows us to show changes year over year for a specific sample set:

  • Revenue down 1.29% over 2014
  • Orders up 11.52% over 2014
  • Average Order Value down 6% over 2014

What we find the most interesting here, is that even though the Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping days were way up for small stores (21% and 31% respectively, from our 2015 Holiday Stats), the shopping season as a whole was actually down 1.29%.

Luckily the number of orders had increased by 11.52%, so even though the value of those orders went down the overall revenue was not as low as it could have been.

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