Top Ecommerce Blog Posts and Articles for October 2014

With Black Friday and the holiday shopping season looming ahead, here are a few posts you may want to take a look at as a final tune-up…

10 Scariest Things That Can Happen to Your CheckoutGet Elastic
Don’t make these mistakes this year.

5 Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid During the Holiday SeasonEntrepeneur
In case the 10 listed in the link above this one was not enough…

Optimize your online store for holiday season in 6 stepsInchoo
Simple but true.

Drive Ecommerce Conversions with First-person Statements Practical Ecommerce
Different way of looking at buttons and actions.

THE Backlinking Strategy That WorksSmart Passive Income Blog
Great SEO read about getting backlinks.

Your Guide to 301 Redirects for SEOSearch Engine Watch
Good primer on using 301 redirects.

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