7 Common Reasons Why Products Don’t Display in Magento

In this post, we will be reviewing some of the more common reasons Magento products do not display in the frontend.

1.  Product updates have invalidated the cache

When using the Magento cache option, a refresh is required after product updates.

System > Cache Management
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The invalidated cache will be displayed in orange.

Also, if you are running FPC (Full Page Cache), be sure that it has flushed the page where the product is expected to appear.  Some modules require a complete manual flush of the FPC, while others are more automated/selective.

2.  Product is not assigned to a website

Catalog > Manage Products > Website (tab)

3.  Product is not assigned to a category

Catalog > Manage Products > Category (tab)
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4.  Product is out of stock

Catalog > Manage Products > Inventory (tab)
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By default, products with a ‘Stock Availability’ of ‘Out of Stock’ (OOS) are not displayed on category pages.  Though, they can be accessed directly via the products URL.

You can change the default setting to display OOS products System > Configuration > Catalog > Display Out of Stock Products (change value to Yes).

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Once the setting is changed, Indexes need to be rebuilt in System->Index Management.

Also, remember to update cache (System -> Cache Management, etc…).

Reminder: When making changes to system defaults, be sure the scope is set correctly.  This is especially critical if you have multiple sites, stores and/or views…


5.  Product status is ‘Disabled’

Catalog > Manage Products> General (tab)

Set Status to ‘Enabled’


6.  Product visibility does not include ‘Catalog’

Catalog > Manage Products > General (tab)

Set Visibility to either ‘Catalog, Search’ or ‘Catalog’


7.  Category page Display Mode is set to ‘Static block only’ (and the assigned static block does not contain support for product display)

Catalog > Manage Categories > Display Settings (tab)
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Set Display Mode to either ‘Products only’ or ‘Static block and products’

If you have frequently experienced other scenarios where products have not displayed on Magento catalog pages, feel free to send us the details!


  1. Stalin says:


    We are experiencing a very weird issue in magento. Once we refresh the cache, the products are disappearing in front end.
    This happens even when we enable/disable a new module in Admin.
    We are struggling with issue for sometime now and not able to get idea on what is causing this issue. It will be very helpful if you are able to point in right direction.

  2. SARUABH says:

    In my case , products are showing only when user is not logged in. But when a user logged in the store then there is no products showing for each category. And even product search is also not working when logged in but working fine after logged out.
    Do you have any idea about it?


  3. Vikas says:

    I have an issues that i create backups of file and database of my Magento website and upload the another server and all thing are working properly but only product info page is not loading. and on the product info page header,footer & breadcrumbs are loading but catalog/product/view.phtml file is not loading. So please suggest me how i resolved the issues.

  4. Ali says:

    I’ve an issue that I cannot see the configurable products at the home page. They are displaying on the category page but not at the home page recent products. I’ve checked all the above things but nothing happened.
    Please help me solving this issue.
    Thank you

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