ShopSite Tip – Embedding Order Anywhere Code With More Info Links

One of the ShopSite features that’s popular among new users is the Order Anywhere feature.  If you already have a website and you just want to add some products to it, ShopSite’s Order Anywhere code can be placed on an existing page which creates an Add to Cart button.  With ShopSite v11 SP1 this feature was improved by the addition of a new option – embedding the Order Anywhere code in an iframe.

Embedding Order Anywhere Code

Order Anywhere Embed Sample

With this option you still place a small block of code on an existing website, but it displays a “window” to the ShopSite code, which allows you to make changes in ShopSite which automatically appear on your pages.  Now when you change a product’s price, name, photo, or other details – you can have it automatically show the changes on your regular page.

The Issue & The Fix

However, this “window” can be tricky with links.  If you’re using a custom template for your embed code and you link to the product’s More Info page it most like appears inside the little window on your page.

A More Info page in the Order Anywhere window

In our example above, if we clicked on the product title we would have seen the More Info page inside the window like you see here.

But it’s a very easy fix!

In your HTML code, you just need to add the following code to your links:


For example, if the old code is this:

<a href=”[– PRODUCT.MoreInfoURL –]”>[– PRODUCT.Name –]</a>

You would change it to be:

<a href=”[– PRODUCT.MoreInfoURL –]” target=”_top”>[– PRODUCT.Name –]</a>

The addition of ‘target=”_top”‘ to the link causes the browser to open the link in its main window and not inside the iframe window.

That’s all there is to it.  Just a quick code change and any links in your embedded Order Anywhere code will now open in the main window.

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