ShopSite Wholesale Add-on Module

Free for hosted clients of LexiConn

  • Looking for a way to have a separate wholesale / private section of your online store that integrates with ShopSite's customer registration?
  • Need to offer special pricing per product to different wholesale groups?
  • Want to add more fields to ShopSite's customer registration?

Our Wholesale Module add-on for ShopSite does all of the above!

The module can be easily configured to only allow certain groups in customer registration access to individual pages / sections of your site. You can define which groups have access.

Advanced options include:

  • Per product pricing by group. Group A has a different price from Group B for the same product.
  • Add additional customer registration fields to the sign-up system in ShopSite. These can be viewed in a separate admin area for the module.
  • Be alerted via email when someone registers in ShopSite.

Integrating the module only requires a few changes to your custom templates. The module works seamlessly with ShopSite's customer registration, eliminating the need for a separate wholesale login system.

* Please note that in order to use this module, your website must have its own SSL certificate. If you do not have an SSL certificate, you can view our certificate offerings at:

If you are a client of LexiConn, simply send an email letting us know you would like this module installed. If you do not host your ShopSite store with LexiConn, check out our seamless transfer process to have your ShopSite store and website moved over to LexiConn.