ShopSite MySQL Database Module

Free for hosted clients of LexiConn

Have you ever wished you that could access ShopSite page and product fields via MySQL using PHP or Perl?

With our ShopSite MySQL DB Module... now you can!

This free add-on module syncs the ShopSite SQLite database to a separate MySQL database. Merchants can then easily use PHP or Perl to access any page, product, or setting in ShopSite through the MySQL database.

Features include:

  • Configurable setting for how often the MySQL database is synced
  • Simple PHP functions and classes to access any page or product field
  • Advanced PHP classes for loading an entire product or page
  • Examples of how to output page and product data

Uses for this module could include:

  • Displaying real-time inventory via PHP
  • Dynamic price and name for Order Anywhere pages
  • Hiding add to cart buttons based on inventory levels
  • Displaying savings based on sale price vs. regular price
  • Dynamic breadcrumb navigation

PHP developers and programmers can access this data in a variety of ways for truly custom and dynamic pages and features. The module combines the stability and power of ShopSite with the dynamic features of PHP.

If you are a hosting client of LexiConn, simply drop us an email requesting this module. If you are not hosted with LexiConn, check out our seamless NO downtime transfer process to have your ShopSite store and website moved over to LexiConn.