Additional Add-ons For Your ShopSite Ecommerce Store

Free for hosted clients of LexiConn

Here are a few smaller modules and code/scripts to accomplish a variety of tasks within ShopSite:

1) Hide Shipping Address if only downloadable products in the cart
JavaScript code that can allow a ShopSite checkout page to not display the shipping address if all the products in the cart are digital download (electronic) products. The code supports multiple methods to determine the status of all products in the cart.

2) Truncate a page or product field to X characters in a ShopSite template
Simple CALL script that can truncate any field passed to it (i.e. Product description, name, extra page field, etc... ) to any number of characters. Useful for area on a page that require certain dimensions.

3) Show percent off on a page in a template
CALL script that can show the percentage discount for an item on sale. (i.e. "you save X percent, X percent off).

4) Show dollars saved when an item is on sale in a template
CALL script that can show the dollar amount saved when an item is on sale.

5) Strip html characters from any ShopSite field in a template
CALL script that can strip html characters from any field.

6) Re-order the payment options in the payment dropdown on the cart page
JavaScript code that can re-order payment options displayed in the payment dropdown on the shopping cart page.

7) MailChimp order API subscription module
Order API script that can auto subscribe a customer to your MailChimp mailing list after an order is placed.

8) Add billing country only to checkout page
Ever wanted to allow additional countries for the billing address while only offering shipping to the United States? We have code to do just that.

If you are a hosted client of LexiConn, and would like to implement any of the above solutions in your store, just let us know, and we can provide you with the necessary information to enable them in your site.