ShopSite Fraud Deterrent Module

Free for hosted clients of LexiConn

The Fraud Deterrent Module can be used by any ShopSite merchant (Manager or Pro version 7 or higher) to help filter out fraudulent orders based on the IP of the customer. The module can block customers from checking out based on the country their IP originates from, allows the merchant to add individual IPs to the block list, and can include the country based on the IP of the customer with each ShopSite order for Pro stores. Specific features include:

  • Easy to use web based interface for selecting which countries to prevent from ordering.
  • Module br ings up a custom page instead of checkout page when a blocked user attempts to check out. Layout/text is fully customizable.
  • Include the country the IP is from on each order (Pro only).
  • Add any number of individual Op's to the blocked list.
  • Country to IP database updated monthly, 99% accurate.

The module is installed by LexiConn, and only requires a few lines of code to be added to a custom cart template.

This module is free of charge, which includes installation and support. This is for hosted clients of LexiConn.

If you do not host your ShopSite store with LexiConn, check out our seamless transfer process to have your ShopSite store and website moved over to LexiConn.