Reporting and Analytics

Numerous ways to analyze your contacts and campaigns. Learn more about them to improve your marketing message.

Read / Open Tracking

When this feature is enabled for a mailing, you build statistics each time a user opens and reads your HTML or multi-format mailings. The statistics include who opened and read your mailing, at what date, and how many times.

Link Tracking

Link tracking lets you know who clicks on each link, how many times they clicked, and on what date.


View who unsubscribed from a specific campaign along with the reason they unsubscribed (if they entered a reason)


View a list of subscribers who resulted in a bounced email. You can view the type of bounce (soft/hard) along with the bounce reason that was returned.

Email Client Reports

The system automatically tracks the email clients your subscribers are using. You will be able to view the top email clients for a list and/or a specific campaign.

Trend Reporting

With our opens by time/day trend report you can see what time of the day receives the most opens.  You can look across all your lists, for a specific list, or a specific campaign.

You can also see what day of the week achieves the highest opens.   By using this data you can find out the optimal day of the week and time of the day to send future campaigns.


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