ShopSite Combined USPS/FedEx Shipping Module

(This feature is now built into ShopSite directly.)

LexiConn offers an add-on module to Shopsite that integrates both FedEx and USPS real-time shipping rates into the shipping charges in any Shopsite Pro 7.0 or greater store. This easy to install module will enable Merchants to offer their customers accurate shipping rates for both FedEx and USPS options domestically and internationally. You can select which shipping methods you would like to offer.

The module takes advantage of the new Shipping API feature in Shopsite Pro 7.0. It offers such options as:

  • Ability to choose home or business based delivery options with optional signature required.
  • Merchant can set the maximum weight of a package so the module can calculate the number of packages being sent based on the total weight.
  • Merchant can set a product to have a specific box dimension, and the module will treat this product as a separate package instead of adding it to a total weight based package selection.
  • Ability to customize warning messages and special shipping options based on errors or unavailability of the FedEx or USPS system.

You can view the Installation Instructions