ShopSite Combined USPS/FedEx Shipping Module Installation Instructions

(This feature is now built into ShopSite directly.)

- Shopsite Pro 7.0 or greater
- Perl 5.6.0 or newer
- Perl Modules:
Net::SSL (or Net::SSLeay and IO::Socket::SSL) to support https protocol
XML::Parser, XML::RegExp, and XML::DOM
- Note: May not run on all Windows platforms.


- The file fedexusps2.cgi should be placed in your Shopsite shopping cart directory (i.e. "sb" or "sc"). The file must be executable (chmod a+x or chmod 755). This file should be uploaded as an ASCII file.

- The file should be placed in your Shopsite shopping cart directory (i.e. "sb" or "sc"). This file should be uploaded as an ASCII file.

- The file country.txt should be placed in your Shopsite shopping cart directory (i.e. "sb" or "sc"). This file should be uploaded as an ASCII file.

NOTE: You may need to change the 1st line of the script fedexusps.cgi if your Perl location is not:

How to Install:

1. If you do not have a FedEx account yet, you must signup for one at Once you have your FedEx account number, provide that number to LexiConn so that we can obtain a meter number for your account. A meter number is needed to access the FedEx real-time shipping system.

2. Go to the website below and register for the USPS API:

3. Contact the USPS ICCC (Internet Customer Care Center) to get your username and password activated:
Telephone: 1-800-344-7779 (7:00AM to 11:00PM ET)
NOTE: This step must be completed in order for usps rates to be returned.

4. In the Shopsite backoffice, go to: Commerce Setup -> Shipping
and select "Custom Shipping Add-on" checkbox as the shipping option.

5. Click on the "Configure Add-on" button to configure the FedEx/USPS API.

6. Enter the following information:
Add-On File Name: fedexusps2.cgi
Ship From Country: United States
Ship from zipcode: Your shipping zipcode
Parameter 1: Fedex account number|Meter Number|Drop Location(1-5)|Ground Residential Delivery(Y/N)|Required signature for Home Delivery(Y/N)
Parameter 2: Maximum weight/box|Min. Default Product Weight|Use Fedex Priority(Y/N)|Use Fedex 2nd Day(Y/N)|Use Fedex Standard Overnight(Y/N)|Use Fedex first overnight(Y/N)|Use Fedex Express Saver (Y/N)|Use Fedex Home Delivery(Y/N)|Use Fedex Ground(Y/N)|Use Fedex Intl Priority(Y/N)|Use Fedex Intl Economy(Y/N)
Parameter 3: Shipping option to appear when there is a problem with Fedex system
Parameter 4: Other shipping entries you want displayed after Fedex rates are shown [optional]
Parameter 5: Your USPS Username|Your USPS Username
Parameter 6: Insurance(Y/N)|Use First Class Mail(Y/N)|Use Media Mail(Y/N)|Use Priority Mail(Y/N)|Use Express Mail(Y/N)|Use First Class Mail International(Y/N)|Use Priority Mail International(Y/N)|Use Express Mail International(Y/N)

Parameter 1: 2093462|170129|1|Y|N
Parameter 2: 30|1|Y|Y|Y|Y|Y|Y|N|Y|Y
Parameter 3: Fedex rates not available. Please contact for shipping.
Parameter 4: Free shipping in July::0.00|USPS overnight::50.00
Parameter 5: LEXI0834|PASWD72
Parameter 6: Y|Y|Y|Y|Y|Y|Y|Y

Note: The "|" character is the pipe character on your keyboard (normally above the "Enter" key).

Drop Location(1-5):
1 - Regular pickup
2 - Request Courier
3 - Dropbox
4 - Drop at BSC (ship center)
5 - Drop at station (Fedex World Svc Center)

Maximum weight/box - The script uses this value to determine how many packages are going to be sent to FedEx/USPS for a rate calculation. For example, if you set the max. value to 25 pounds, and someone ordered four 10 lb. widgets, the script would send 2 packages to FedEx/USPS, 1 box weighing 25 pounds, and one box weighing 15 pounds.
NOTE: You should set your max. weight to the weight of your heaviest product that does not have a specific box dimension defined.

The exception to this max weight rule is if a product you have has a set shipping box dimension, then that product will be sent as a separate package to FedEx/USPS for the rate calculation.

Min. Default Product Weight: Minimum default weight in pounds that you want assigned to any product that does not have a weight assigned or is set to 0.

Parameter 4: Enter shipping text and price in the following format, with multiple options separated by the "|" character:
Shipping text to be displayed::Shipping Price

Note: You should set a weight for all products in Shopsite to work seamlessly with this API and ShopSite's default shipping methods.

7. If you want the Country dropdown list to appear in the shopping cart, you must enable it in the ShopSite backoffice by going to: Commerce Setup -> State and Country and selecting the countries you wish to display. For the zipcode box to appear, you must select this in the Commerce Setup -> Sales Tax section (Use ZIP Code to determine sales tax).

How the scripts works:
If a customer selects the United States as a country and enters a valid zipcode, the script will return shipping rates for the FedEx and USPS services you have selected. If they enter an invalid zipcode, a warning will appear at the top of the screen indicating they need to re-enter their zipcode.

If a customer selects a country other than the US, the script will return the shipping costs for the services you selected if available. If FedEx or USPS cannot calculate a rate, a warning will appear and one shipping option will be available that states "Fedex rates not available. Please contact for shipping" (This text can be customized).


- The maximum shipping weight for Fedex packages is 150 pounds. (70 pounds for FedEx Home Delivery.)
- The maximum shipping weight for USPS packages is 75 pounds.
- If you need to add a handling charge to each shipment, you can do so in the Shipping section of the backoffice. This charge will be added to the returned rates from Fedex.
- You should choose either "Fedex Ground" or "Fedex Home Delivery" as your preferred Ground rates. The "Residential Delivery" (do not choose this if using Home Delivery) applies a higher rate to regular Fedex Ground shipments.