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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting...

Store not running as fast as you'd like? Not getting personalized Magento support from your host? We can help enable your store to complete more sales due to a vastly improved experience for you and your customers. From the fastest caching for your pages to an optimized environment personalized for your store, no other host does more for your Magento store.

Set your store apart from the rest

  • Complete more sales with fast page loads.
  • Personalized support from a Magento certified staff.
  • Proactive monitoring and security that is unmatched.
  • Optimize overall performance.

Get the most out of your Magento store with a fully managed solution that's optimized exclusively for speed and performance.

Tech details

PHP OpCache tuned and monitored for usage, fragmentation, and wasted memory
MySQL database settings adjusted for each store, resources monitored and adjusted as needed
Review of existing Magento settings, adjusted and optimized for speed and stability
Best of breed technologies (php-fpm, Redis, Zend OpCache, SSD hardware RAID-10)
Full Page Cache module installed and configured for fast page loads at all times