Cart Abandonment Module

LexiConn offers a cart abandonment module for any hosted client of LexiConn that is running ShopSite Pro 8 or higher. This module allows a merchant to see their true cart abandonment rate, as well as detailed statistics on each cart, global stats showing top products, most abandoned products, average time to complete an order, top used coupons and shipping options, and many more reports. Specific features include:

  • Cart abandonment rates broken down into where the cart was abandoned (cart, checkout, confirm)
  • Referrer stats showing what page the customer last viewed before abandoning the cart.
  • Top products bought and abandoned, as well as top abandoned pages
  • Individual cart breakdown showing all the steps customers took to complete or abandon an order.
  • View stats by day, week, or month
  • Sort carts by browser, status, totals, duration, ...

The module is installed by LexiConn, and only requires a few lines of javascript in each stage of the cart process. It updates in real time, and can be customized to set the time a merchant wants to wait until a cart is deemed to be abandoned, and how many top products to display.

View the demo of the admin area for a test ShopSite store:

Admin interface:

The Cart Abandonment Module is only offered to hosted clients of LexiConn. It requires ShopSite Pro 8 or higher. The c ost of the module is a one time fee of $99.00, which includes installation and support.

You may use our Online Order Form to order the cart abandonment module.