Extendware Full Page Cache Module for Magento Stores

A Full Page Cache (FPC) module is a must-have add-on for any Magento store. A Full Page Cache will not only drastically speed up your site, but also allow it to perform better and use less resources under heavier traffic.

We've chosen Extendware as a "Best in Class" solution for a full-featured FPC module.

Bundles features include:

  • Multi-level cache support (even for logged in users, items in cart, etc...)
  • Fast page loads even when logged in or items in a cart
  • Only flushes affected products/pages from the cache when changes are made
  • Optimized file based caching, Redis caching
  • Multi store support
  • Multiple backend support (Filesystem, Redis)
  • Easily hole punched, segmentable, easy to flush specific items automatically
  • Fast, accurate support from Extendware when problems arise
  • New updates and patches released often

Get the module through us and we can offer a 15% discount on the software bundle. Bundle includes - Secondary Cache add-on, Tagging/Auto Flushing add-on, Cache Backends add-on module.

The one-time cost for all of these add-ons plus the FPC module is $469. We'll also install it, and configure the settings for optimal performance.

Most of our successful Magento Community Edition (CE) clients use Extendware to help them convert more sales due to a much faster browsing experience. If you have any questions about this module, please contact us.