LexiConn adopts Red Hat Enterprise Linux as new Operating System

COLCHESTER, CT -- March 21, 2005 -- LexiConn Internet Services, a privately held provider of web hosting and ecommerce services, today announced that it has decided upon Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the core operating system for its servers going into the future.

LexiConn is pleased to announce that all new servers will be built with the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system as the core OS. LexiConn has always used Red Hat Linux as its OS for all servers, but these past operating systems were the free versions that were customized for LexiConn's network and hosting environment.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an enterprise level, commercially supported operating system that is unmatched in stability, performance, and security. Red Hat has developed an industry leading OS that they fully support and is designed for commercial enterprise grade deployment for web servers. The OS is backed by the Red Hat development team, and has a five year end-of-life (EOL) contract, resulting in a stable and fully supported system into the future.

Red Hat still maintains an open source approach to its commercial operating system, but provides enhanced support and rapid patches and upgrades to installed software. This approach is well suited for LexiConn, as all servers are built with high quality components, and this enterprise OS will match this high level of quality. The new OS will help to increase server stability and security well into the future, and shows the commitment LexiConn has to providing a truly reliable and flexible hosting solution.

About LexiConn Internet Services:

LexiConn is a privately held company located in Colchester, CT. Founded in 1996, LexiConn hosts over 3000 websites in over 30 countries. The company provides shared and managed server hosting, ecommerce and database solutions, as well as domain registration services.