LexiConn, ScanAlert, and ShopSite Unveil One Click PCI Compliance for ShopSite Merchants at No Added Cost

COLCHESTER, CT -- April 13, 2005 -- "One Click Compliance(TM)," a new integrated ecommerce service from ShopSite and ScanAlert, will enable tens of thousands of online merchants using ShopSite's shopping cart application to become automatically compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard at no additional cost. One Click Compliance is the first data security program offered through web hosts which provides free and easy-to-use "automated" PCI compliance certification to online merchants.

Jointly developed by ShopSite, a leading provider of ecommerce solutions to small and mid-sized (SME) online merchants, and ScanAlert, the world's largest web site security certification service, One Click Compliance ensures that merchant transactions -- from web site and shopping cart to the payment gateway -- are certified to meet the PCI security standard.

LexiConn Internet Services, Inc., one of the first web hosts to deploy the system, estimates that over 700 of its ecommerce merchants can qualify.

"SME merchants can now easily and without added expense achieve the full potential of Internet ecommerce within a secure web site that is fully compliant with payment card industry requirements," said David Hills, CEO, ShopSite. "Web hosts can confidently recommend ShopSite's ecommerce solution to their merchants because ScanAlert will certify the merchant's business practices, web sites, web hosting infrastructure, and the ShopSite shopping cart to meet the PCI standard at no cost."

"The integration of ScanAlert's One Click Compliance service and ShopSite's application delivers the first easy-to-use and no cost PCI compliance option to the SME market," said ScanAlert CEO Ken Leonard. "This brings the payment card industry security requirements within the reach of tens of thousands of SME merchants, and reduces the difficulties acquiring banks have in implementing compliance throughout their portfolio."

One Click Compliance Overview

One Click Compliance is comprised of the following PCI compliance components:

1. Certification of the Merchant's Business Practices

Participating merchants use a simple interactive online application to assist them in completing the annual PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

2. Certification of ShopSite's Shopping Cart Application

ScanAlert performs quarterly scans of ShopSite's shopping cart software and all other applications installed on the merchant's web site, plus any other network devices used by the merchant to collect, process or store payment card data.

3. Certification of the Web Hosting Infrastructure

ScanAlert scans and certifies participating web hosts' entire web server infrastructure for PCI compliance on a daily basis, ensuring the very highest standards of network security to protect card holder data from unauthorized access.

More information on One Click Compliance, other compliance services, and related partnership programs can be found at www.ScanAlert.com. More information about the PCI Standard is available at https://sdp.mastercardintl.com/.

Web Host Benefits

ScanAlert enables ShopSite to deliver One Click Compliance to web hosts, allowing them to provide their ShopSite enabled ecommerce merchants with certified assurance that their credit card transactions are processed according to the PCI Data Security Standard at no additional cost to the merchant.

Merchant Benefits

SME Merchants (PCI program Level 2, 3 and 4 merchants) that use ShopSite's popular shopping cart application can now apply through their web hosts to automatically certify their PCI compliance through an easy-to-use online form. Ease-of-use and no added cost bring the service within reach of all merchants, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access to the credit card data, and the risk of fines for non-compliance with the PCI standard.

Acquiring Bank Benefits

One Click Compliance provides acquiring banks that underwrite and manage thousands of SME merchants with an accessible and cost free service that overcomes many of the compliance barriers faced by most merchants, thereby reducing the risk of non-compliance within their portfolio.

About ShopSite, Inc.

ShopSite, Inc., is a private company based in Orem, Utah, and has provided electronic commerce software for the small to medium-sized business since 1996. The company's software is an online catalog and shopping cart system that is extremely powerful and easy to learn. With ShopSite server-based software, merchants can manage their online stores easily, regardless of their technical background -- there's no HTML coding required. Merchants can preview a demo version of ShopSite and obtain pricing information by visiting www.shopsite.com.

About LexiConn Internet Services, Inc.

LexiConn is a privately held company located in Colchester, CT. Founded in 1996, LexiConn hosts over 2000 web sites in over 30 countries. The company provides shared and managed server hosting, ecommerce and database solutions, as well as domain registration services. More information is available at www.lexiconn.com.

About ScanAlert, Inc.

Headquartered in Napa, CA, ScanAlert is the world's largest web site security certification company, protecting over 60,000 web sites in 30 countries. ScanAlert conducts rigorous daily security audits that make web sites secure from hackers and then certifies it to their visitors with a HACKER SAFE® certification mark. HACKER SAFE certification protects millions of shoppers everyday. The certification mark indicates that these sites are compliant with the highest federal and industry web site security standards. ScanAlert is actively rolling out easy-to-use and affordable PCI compliance programs through acquiring banks, application vendors, web hosts, gateways and payment processors. For more information, please visit www.scanalert.com.