A new tool in the fight against SPAM

COLCHESTER, CT -- April 26, 2004 -- LexiConn Internet Services, a privately held provider of web hosting and ecommerce services, today announced that it has introduced a new tool to actively stop SPAM emails for all of its users.

A new feature has been added to the spam protection system that helps to determine what is a spam or junk email. This feature, a new Realtime Blackhole List (RBL) named SURBL, analyzes the content of each email to see if any of the domains or URLs listed in the email are known spammer websites. If they are, the email is more likely to be spam, and is weighted more towards spam for the final determination by the software.

This new RBL is revolutionary in the fight against spam, as it does not care where the email originates from (as most spammers forge the From: field and use hijacked servers and computers to send out their junk mail), but rather sees what URLs and domains the email is trying to get people to go to or show images from in the body of the message. This is very effective, as spammers must use a website to display their images or for people to go to in order to purchase an item. The new RBL catches these websites, and can greatly help classify an email as spam.

About LexiConn Internet Services:

LexiConn is a privately held company located in Colchester, CT. Founded in 1996, LexiConn hosts over 2000 websites in over 30 countries. The company provides shared and managed server hosting, ecommerce and database solutions, as well as domain registration services.