Anti-Spam Policy

LexiConn has a zero tolerance policy with regards to spam. Spam is defined as mass unsolicited email to people who have not opted-in to receive your email or email to people with whom you do not have a prior relationship established.

For ISPs and Internet Blacklist Maintainers:

LexiConn does not allow the sending of spam by any of its clients. Clients violating this policy will be terminated. ISPs and blacklist maintainers may contact us at with any questions or complaints.

LexiConn works closely with many ISPs with regards to policies and information related to the sending of legitimate email by its clients. Any ISP or blacklist maintainer is encouraged to contact us with any questions or problems related to the mail servers and

For Email Recipients:

If you feel that you have received unsolicited email from LexiConn or any of our clients on the or domains/servers, please report this to You may also call us at 1-800-817-6881. LexiConn has a zero tolerance policy with regards to spam.

For LexiConn Clients:

All LexiConn clients must agree to only sending permission based newsletters. Permission may be obtained through the use of an opt-in signup form or from a point of sale signup form.

LexiConn clients may not:

  • Purchase lists (even purchased opt-in lists)
  • Collect emails from browsers unknowingly
  • Add an email address without permission
  • Email a person who has unsubscribed from a list

The following applies to any client sending a newsletter through LexiConn's mailing list software:

  • Any email address that has a permanent hard bounce will be automatically unsubscribed.
  • Any email address that has a soft bounce will be unsubscribed after three soft bounces.
  • Any large list import will be monitored and reviewed by LexiConn.
  • A record is saved of every email that is sent.
  • Any sending of spam will result in the cancellation of the account.
  • ALL emails sent will contain an unsubscribe link that is inserted by default. This link is not optional.