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Updated:  Saturday, March 3, 2001

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NetherWorld is a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) role-playing game that has existed in one form or another since 1993. Now on a permanent T1 server, NetherWorld is based on Merc Diku 2.2 code, but has been heavily altered and updated.
So what is NetherWorld about? Here are a few of the features that NetherWorld offers players:

*      3 fully populated Continents and Oceans over 15000 rooms!  265 areas (90% original) built by our very own players and immortals (A complete world!)

*      Over 4749 MOBS,  5008 Objects, 271 shops, and 849 Help files to guide you

*      20 Starting Races, 15 Classes, tons of spells and skills totaling over 6000 affects

*    Remort and reincarnation systems that allow multiclassing and offer many, many more special races. Leveling opportunities are practically unlimited!

*      Items Save with you, wherever you are! (No Renting)

*      Balanced EXP and Gold

*      Role-playing Clans, Limited Player Killing, as well as anarchy zones.

*      Multiple Hometowns

*      Fully customizable ANSI color support

*      Purchase personalized Castles with guardian Mobs, corpse recovery, your own personal healer, and  more!

*      Automated questing, missions, trivia, Immortal ran quests with prizes!  

*      An arena where characters of all levels may fight safely

*      Casinos for those who wish to try their luck

*      A well balanced mix of stock and new, original areas

*      A team of dedicated Immortals

NetherWorld also boasts many players who consider the realm to be their second home. There is a reason for that! :)

Try our JAVA MUD Client to connect to NetherWorld on the WWW.

Connect to NetherWorld thru telnet telmaron.com 3666

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